Neighborhood Street Signs

In order to grow our association and increase the visibility of our charming neighborhood. Winona Woods has been working on having unique street signs produced for our area.

Winona Woods has gathered lots of resident input surrounding unique neighborhood street signs for our community through a community wide survey. So many thoughtful ideas and wonderful suggestions were submitted, we then used all of these comments in order to create a proposal that we are confident all residents will be proud of.


With the exception of the lamp post signs at Chapel Hill Drive & Carriage Lane, these street signs will replace our current green signs and bring positive attention to our community. With signs like this visitors to our neighborhood will now be aware of our community as a special place in our town.

Thanks to the Town of Irondequoit Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Program which was funded in large part from Medley Center code violation fees all the signs have been replaced at no cost to the association or taxpayer. Once installed, the Town of Irondequoit and Monroe County DOT will maintain them in perpetuity which means that there would never be any further costs to our organization for repair or replacement.

These signs continue to meet all of the codes and regulations for highway signs but would do so in a way to bring greater attention to  what an asset our area is by attracting new home buyers and alerting other Irondequoit residents to the presence of our community via tangible evidence.