Neighborhood Watch Glossary


Those of you who are receiving our periodic Winona Watch alerts might be wondering about some of the terminology used in the reports. To help residents better understand this important information we’re publishing a glossary of terms which might help you make better sense of what you are reading.

If you are not receiving alerts yet. You can sign up here.

Special Attention Job When requested, the I.P.D. will check the home of a resident  when he or she is away. Anyone can sign up for  this service by visiting the I.P.D. before going out of town
Directed Patrol Random movement within a given area providing a high visibility and the ability to interact with all segments of the community.
Larceny Generally refers to nonviolent, unauthorized taking and removal of the Personal Property of another by an individual who intends to permanently deprive the owner of it.


Burglary Trespass, breaking and entering of a dwelling
Services Rendered


Generic term used to indicate that the police did whatever was necessary in order to settle, rectify, remedy or resolve the issue at hand.

This is only the beginning. As more terms emerge Winona Woods will be sure to find out what they mean and then list them here for the use of our residents.