Street Trees


They are what makes Winona Woods, Winona Woods… street trees. Studies show that cars drive more slowly on streets lined with trees, trees improve air quality and walkers feel safer on treed streets because they form a physical and psychological buffer from the street traffic and associated noise. In addition, according to the International Society of Arboriculture street trees increase property values by as much as 20%.Winona Woods has taken an active interest in preserving our suburban canopy and has partnered with the Irondequoit Conservation Board, Department of Public Works and SUNY Brockport of in order complete a full street tree inventory and find ways to plant more. You can view our current street tree inventory by clicking here.To find out more, notify us of an error in the inventory or to volunteer please contact us by clicking here.

Winona Woods Street Tree Request Form

Are you willing to host a free street tree on your property? Get on the list by submitting this form. Complete descriptions and images of each of the available tree varieties can be found by clicking here.